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      Allied Office Machines launches Ricoh’s new range of AirPrint enabled Imaging Products.

      There is no denying that Apple devices are becoming more and more popular. The growth of BYOD (Bring your own device), where employees make use of their own personal phones, tablets
      and laptops at work, means businesses need to make sure their print and imaging solutions can cope with Apple’s print protocols.

      Allied Office Machines’ business partner Ricoh, has introduced a range of AirPrint enabled solutions which can easily deal with printing and imaging for any Apple devices. AirPrint is a new printing protocol from Apple which allows any apple device to link to an enabled printer, scanner, etc, via a hard wired or wireless network. With a few taps, AirPrint makes it possible for people to wirelessly print documents, photographs and images directly from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac, without the need to install individual printer drivers for each printer.
      It is particularly useful for executives and mobile business people to print tickets, photos and emails safely and quickly from their mobile phones or tablets. There is no software to download or cables to connect as the Apple device will automatically find the AirPrint enabled printer and link seamlessly to it. Further information about Ricoh’s AirPrint enabled devices can be obtained by contacting Allied Office Machines on 01794 526088.

      Don’t Forget to Put Out Your Empties

      With the earth’s natural resources getting rarer, and subsequently more expensive, greater
      emphasis is being placed on re-cycling and reusing materials. Take for example the humble
      toner cartridge. More and more companies are collecting them as part of their environmental
      policy; but have you ever wondered what happens to them after they are put into the
      recycling bin. There is a lot of useful material in an old toner cartridge, so long as they are recycled correctly and don’t end up in a landfill site. Some, of course, can be re-filled and sold again but the
      majority of them are broken up and the materials made into a multitude of new items.
      Some, we have heard, are even made into lobster pots!

      We at Allied Office Machines like to do our bit for the environment and have been recycling our toner cartridges for many years. As part of our service to you, we can collect the empty cartridges from the printers we have supplied, and then  arrange for them to be sent off for proper recycling.


      So if you are thinking of how you can recycle more, we can definitely help. Give us a call today on  01794 526088 and we will tell you what you need to do. At the end of the day it means that better use is being made of our natural resources and less waste is going into land fill, which has got to be good.


      Ricoh Launches A New Series of Wide-Format Multi-Function Printers Aimed at the Building Sector

      Another area of economic activity that is hopeful about the “green shoots of recovery” is the
      Building Sector. Vital to growth in our economy as a whole, the sector is famous for being the
      focus of much political debate and speculation. However, Allied Office Machine’s business
      partner, Ricoh, believes that there is great potential for growth in the sector and is
      supporting this confidence with the launch of a new line in wide format multifunction printers.

      These productive document centres do more than just print the detailed plans and designs
      needed by the construction industry, they also offer scanning and copier options along with
      document finishing capabilities. The latest new machines to be launched are the
      Ricoh MP CW colour wide-format multi-function printers, machines aimed squarely at the
      Architects, Engineers and Construction market.


      To find out more about these new printers and to arrange a demonstration, contact us today on:
      01794 526088


      Nick Carter and Steve Richmond at the new Mary Rose Trust Museum Allied Office Machines has won a contract to supply six new multi-functional printer / copiers to the Mary Rose Trust.

      The new equipment is being supplied as part of the business infrastructure for the Trust’s brand new museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

      Mary Rose Trust

      Nick Carter MBE, Accounts Manager for the Mary Rose Trust said: “We ran a stringent competitive
      tender for the supply of these new machines and Allied Office Machines emerged as clear winners
      against some very tough competition. We were particularly impressed by their levels of on-going
      service and back-up as well as the keenness of their prices.”

      The Trust’s brand-new museum is part of its £35m project to provide a new home for the
      Mary Rose and to complete the conservation of the 500 year old flagship of Henry VIII. The high
      -tech building has been specially designed and built for the purpose and the Multi-Function
      devices being supplied by Allied Office Machines must perform efficiently within the highly
      controlled environment.

      Nick continued: “The pioneering building design has created a special environment to protect the
      unique and priceless 16th century artefacts and hull whilst the drying and preservation process is
      completed over the next 4 to 5 years. It also displays the hull and artefacts in a manner that
      enables visitors to experience them in the best possible way. As a result, any office machines
      operating in the museum must be energy efficient so as to help keep our energy costs
      down” Steve Richmond, Regional Sales Manager from Allied Office Machines said: “We are delighted to
      have won this contract and are very proud to be part of such an important historic project. We
      wish the Mary Rose Trust every success with their new museum and are looking forward to a
      long working partnership, maybe even for the next 500 years!”

      Allied Office Machines Win 3 BLI Pick Awards

      Celebrities everywhere are dusting off their designer frocks and tuxedos and are chattering about the awards season; and we at Allied Office Machines are joining in!

      We are very pleased to announce that our technology partners, Ricoh, have done particularly well in the imaging industry’s own equivalent of the Oscars, the BLI or Buyers’ Lab awards.

      Twice a year, the ‘BLI Pick Awards’ give special recognition to imaging products that provided the most outstanding performance in several categories. To achieve this accolade the machines must undergo a series of strenuous tests over a two month period that pushes them to the limits of their stated performance. They are then evaluated on categories such as ease of use, media handling, productivity and value.

      In its most recent series of awards, Ricoh collected 3 ‘Outstanding Achievement’ awards. And the winners are…


      The Ricoh MP C4502 series for outstanding achievement in energy efficiency.

      Click here to read the full adjudication


      The Ricoh MP C4502 series for outstanding 41 to 50 ppm A3 Colour Multi-Function Printing.

      Click here to read the full adjudication


      The Ricoh MP C5502 series for outstanding 51 to 60 ppm A3 Colour Multi-Function Printing.

      Click here to read the full adjudication

      Gales Solicitors Set to Achieve 23% Savings Following Allied Office Machines Print Audit

      Gales Solicitors logoBournemouth based legal firm, Gales Solicitors, are set to achieve an astounding 23% saving in their annual print costs following a Free Print Audit from Allied Office Machines.

      Over the years as the company had grown, it had acquired a number of different printers, copiers and other office machines from around eleven different manufacturers.

      Mike Powel, practice manager said: “This was causing us real problems as we had to hold a large supply of different toners, drums and other consumables and were constantly having to re-order supplies.”

      “On-top of this, as we had bought our printers from different  sources, we could not arrange for a single source maintenance contract, which cost us a lot in time and money when things went wrong.”

      The answer to their problems came when they received a speculative call from Allied Office Machines, who suggested that Gales undertook a professional print audit.

      Mike Powel said: “Printing services are of paramount importance to legal companies like ourselves.  Allied looked into every aspect of printing and copying at Gales over a one month period.  They were able to put together a new professional printing solution which includes 25 new devices, all integrated into our corporate IT network.

      Gales estimate that the new solution from Allied Office Machines is going to save them around 23% of their print and copier costs over the year.  This is being achieved by using modern Ricoh printers which use much less energy than their old machines, as well as implementing better deployment of machines around the office so that they are used more efficiently.


      Click here to read the full case study

      Are you wasting money whilst you sleep?

      MPC4502We all know that Televisions use a lot of energy in ‘stand-by’; but did you know that the same is also true for some of the leading brands of photocopiers and printers?

      Copiers and printers in most offices are estimated to be in ‘sleep mode’ for more than 60% of the working day.  Given that they are still consuming electricity, this could be costing your company a lot of money in wasted energy as well as increasing your carbon footprint.

      With more energy price hikes on the way, it makes good business sense to look for energy efficiencies from all your business machines.

      Recently launched and now available from Allied Office Machines, are two new Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs) from Ricoh, which are setting new records for energy efficiency.  With average power consumption figures in sleep mode, over 90% more efficient* than their direct competitors they are definite green medal contenders.  But these startling performances do not just end there, with comparisons showing the new Ricoh MFPs to be over 30% more efficient* than their competitors in ‘ready’ and ‘in-use’ modes as well.

      Over the period of a year these efficiencies can add up to a considerable saving, especially with further energy price increases on the horizon.

      To help companies better understand how they can use modern, energy efficient MFP’s like these to reduce their energy consumption, Allied Office Machines offers its respected Print Audit service, which provides an accurate and detailed report on all aspects of your printing and copying.  It can show you how to make you assets more energy and cost efficient as well as detailing all the associated energy costs, showing you where potential savings can be made.

      To find out more information about Allied Office Machines Print Audit service, click here, or if you would like to talk to one of our consultants about the new Ricoh MFP’s or to arrange for your own Print Audit, then call us today on 01794 526088.


      * Comparison figures are calculated against equivalent, Kyocera Mita, Xerox and Konica Minolta models.

      Allied Office Machines ‘In the Dark’ for UN World Environment Day

      Staff at Romsey based printer and copier specialists; Allied Office Machines were “in the dark” in support of the United Nations World Environment Day.  Their day with the lights out was organised in conjunction with their major suppliers, Ricoh.

      Steve Drayson, Allied Office Machines’ Managing Director said: “Ricoh are running a whole month of environmental action and activities in support of the UN World Environment Day and we were very keen to join in.  They (Ricoh) are raising awareness of energy conservation by switching off illuminated advertising signs and the night lighting at their offices across the world.  You may also have seen or heard about their Eco Billboard in London which is powered entirely by its own solar and wind energy sources”.

      Regarding Allied Office Machines own day in the dark Steve said: “As well as lighting we also looked to switch off as many of our business machines as possible.  This made demonstrating our range of printers a little tricky, but it was just for the day and was worth it to help get the message across.”

      Take a fresh new look at Allied

      New Website for 2012

      Check out our new website, not only will you be able to find out about our latest products and offers but also how you could save money on all your internal printing costs through Print Audit. In addition you can now see videos demonstrating some of the more useful features available on the latest equipment.

      3 reasons why you should consider a print audit for your business

      …the information you gain could help you to:

      • Reduce your carbon footprint
      • Improve efficiency
      • Save you money

      Just look at what Whites of Salisbury were able to achieve:

      Estate Agent saving the environment and money too!

      Salisbury Estate Agent HW White recently commissioned Romsey firm Allied Office Machines to carry out an audit of all their internal printing costs. The resulting report was very revealing and highlighted areas where efficiencies and savings could be made.  Allied Executive Nick Folkes then put forward a proposal that has not only made all the internal printing 100% carbon neutral but has also saved them a whopping 21% against their printing expenditure. James Butcher co director of HW White commented “we were quite surprised at the findings of the audit and had no hesitation in accepting Allied’s recommendations”. Allied’s executive Nick Folkes commented “ many organisations are looking to cut costs where they can at the moment, print audits often reveal where substantial savings can be made, couple this with the fact that firms can further reduce their carbon footprint makes our offering an attractive proposition”

      (Article from the Salisbury Journal Green Living section 18 August 2011)

      A print audit will arm you with all the information you need to make a more informed choice about the document production and distribution requirements of your company. What’s more; it’s free of charge and takes little or none of your time. Find out more by calling Nick Folkes on 01794 526088.