Web Forms

Collect information with intuitive web forms that eliminate repetitive processes, securely store your data for easy access, and improve process visibility.


  • User-Friendly
DesignerGlobalForms offers robust styling options for easy form creation with its browser-based platform. Simply drag-and-drop form fields onto the designer to build a unique form.
  • Custom Layouts
Add calculations, language localization, conditional fields, images and more through simple point and click options, no coding required. Makes building forms simple and ensures you collect all the required data you need before the submit button is hit.
  • Routing
Automatically route the information collected as a complete document for approval or to notify users of required action. Easily integrate web forms into capture workflows to create a single process for working with data.
  • Customizable Options
Leverage Square 9’s digital library of common forms for various business use cases, including expense reporting, PO requests, employee onboarding, tax form collection, medical forms, and much more or create your own custom forms.

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