Document Capture

Successful digital transformation starts with capturing and extracting the business-critical information you receive every day and putting that data to work within your other solutions. Make sure your capture solution can meet this important challenge with GlobalCapture.

GlobalCapture allows organisations to work more intelligently with their documents.


  • Easily capture documents from multiple sources. Capture information as it enters your organisation no matter the format: paper, email, PDF, Microsoft Office, or the source: printer, scanner, web form, or network directory.
  • Automate data extraction with data extraction rules. You’ll be able to pull needed data through built-in tools such as OCR, barcode recognition and database lookups.
  • Integrate with your Multifunctional Printer (MFP) and take document scanning to the next level by incorporating unique workflow activities right from the touch panel.
  • Extract critical information from documents with structured or unstructured Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Barcode Recognition, tabular data, database lookups and more.
  • Review the integrity of your information before it’s shared to other applications with OCR confidence reporting and validation checks to ensure data accuracy.
  • Instantly route documents to the destination of your choice, with a built-in workflow engine providing the ability to connect and automate your unique capture processes.
  • Share data with almost any application incl ERP, CRM and HRM platforms, before releasing to your document management or Windows file system .
  • Reduced costs – processing time reduced from hours to minutes
  • Faster, more efficient processes
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Helps with ISO compliance

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