Toner replacement – Reduce wastage

If you have printers and photocopiers from Allied Office Machines, you most likely benefit from our toner inclusive maintenance agreement. This means we replace your toners as needed.toner replacement

Some users are changing partially used toners for new ones, much before the existing toners are empty. These used toners still could print thousands of pages with no loss of quality. They only need to be replaced when they are completely empty and the machine stops working.

For the benefit of the environment and to cut wastage, we have provided the following useful information.

Toner replacement procedure

The correct procedure for replacing printer and photocopier toner is:

  1. When the machine indicates a toner is running low, do not replace the toner at this stage. There is plenty of toner left, you do not need to change it just yet.
  2. When the machine finally runs out of toner, it will stop. If it is a colour device, it will need either a cyan, magenta, yellow or black toner. Check which one needs replacing. It is highly unlikely you will need to change more than one toner at a time. The device will indicate which colour toner needs to be replaced.
  3. Empty? OK, it’s time to change it. Please make sure you have selected the correct toner, give it a gentle shake, and replace it.
  4. If you are using our auto-replenish service, your machine will notify us in plenty of time for the next replacement to be sent out.

Thank you for helping us to be greener.