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      Why leasing?

      Leasing offers several key advantages when compared to buying equipment outright: it preserves your resources, improves your capital position and allows better cash-flow planning.

      Use it – don’t own it

      It is the use of equipment that produces value for your business – not the ownership. Leasing delivers that capability with the flexibility to structure payments that maximise your returns over the life of the lease agreement. With a leasing solution your company obtains equipment that is out of your immediate financial reach, preserving your capital and existing credit lines, increasing your cash-flow and maximising your buying power.

      Greater flexibility

      There are numerous flexible leasing arrangements available to you including Total Volume Rental Plan (TVRP) an all inclusive (capital and service) cost per page. An operating lease available to Schools and government departments. This provides lower regular rental payments with options to either purchase the equipment in exchange of a final residual payment on termination or simply hand the equipment back.

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