DocuWare overview

How many hours do your staff spend manually filing documents in folders? How long do you spend looking for a particular file or folder? If you are like most organisations, probably longer than needed. But, there is a solution.

DocuWare document management software allows you to store, search, display, download edit, and integrate documents into your business processes over the Internet without any software installation on your local computer. Anywhere at any time; around the world. The result: you save time and your business and staff are more efficient. DocuWare is suitable for any industry including SME’s, large enterprises, schools and manufacturing.

  • Capture and organise information
  • Process documents and manage workflows
  • Access and view content for decision making

DocuWare features

  • DocuWare solutions enable automation of document workflows, whilst protecting data and documents with secure, and centralised archiving
  • Task lists, email notifications, and reminders keep processes moving forward
  • One search quickly finds all related documents regardless of the original source: if PC generated, from an email, a Microsoft Office document or from a scanned paper document
  • Tracked and logged access allows everyone to stay up to date
  • Easily maintained records to monitor and report on retention schedules
  • Available on location or in the cloud

DocuWare benefits

  • Document workflow automation speeds up business processes and creates efficiencies saving you and your staff time and frustration. Whether it’s invoices, real time information or purchase orders, DocuWare can capture the information.
  • Secure, controlled and logged access creates transparent workflows
  • Digitising paper documents reduces paper handling expenses such as printing costs, and filing cabinet space all whilst reducing environmental impact.
  • Powerful search and display options allow you to retrieve information quick when required.
  • Email notification alerts remind you of tasks at hand
  • Mobile apps and web clients can connect from any location enabling access to authorised whether you are at business sites, working from home, out in the sales field or travelling.
  • Easy to use
  • DocuWare works closely with familiar applications and directly from Ricoh multifunction printers (MFP's)

DocuWare specification

To get started all you need is a URL. The client runs on all established browsers. We provide Desktop Apps for special functions.

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