Our Brand New Website Goes Live

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website. With the launch of many exciting new products for 2017, we wanted our website to correspond with our products and services, as we continue to extend our document processing services into the digital field.

Our homepage has been modernised, making it easier for our customers to locate their way around the site. Whereas our old site had 8 different menu options, this has now been simplified to just 4 tabs, focusing on our key areas of expertise, of which we are extremely proud.

A ‘Why choose Allied?’ section has also been added to the homepage. We are proud to have remained an independent, family-run business since we were established in 1994, and we have been recognised for our commitment to quality, tailor-made service by the electronics industry leader, Ricoh. This section allows us to showcase our accomplishments and expertise.

Customer service has always been integral to our business model, and therefore a new contact functionality has been integrated into the website. The ‘Get in Touch’ tab makes contacting our team a lot simpler, and gives the user more options as to how they wish to make contact.

The multifunctional printers section under the products tab has also been
re-imagined. Previously our site advertised the products in one list. This has now been split up into various tabs, making it a lot easier and quicker for the user to find the product that they are looking for.

Although the content has largely remained the same, the new look and feel of the website highlights our new digital offering. This should in turn improve the web experience for both existing and new customers.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new website! Give us a call on 01794 526088.