Gales Solicitors Set to Achieve 23% Savings Following Allied Office Machines Print Audit

Gales Solicitors logoBournemouth based legal firm, Gales Solicitors, are set to achieve an astounding 23% saving in their annual print costs following a Free Print Audit from Allied Office Machines.

Over the years as the company had grown, it had acquired a number of different printers, copiers and other office machines from around eleven different manufacturers.

Mike Powel, practice manager said: “This was causing us real problems as we had to hold a large supply of different toners, drums and other consumables and were constantly having to re-order supplies.”

“On-top of this, as we had bought our printers from different  sources, we could not arrange for a single source maintenance contract, which cost us a lot in time and money when things went wrong.”

The answer to their problems came when they received a speculative call from Allied Office Machines, who suggested that Gales undertook a professional print audit.

Mike Powel said: “Printing services are of paramount importance to legal companies like ourselves.  Allied looked into every aspect of printing and copying at Gales over a one month period.  They were able to put together a new professional printing solution which includes 25 new devices, all integrated into our corporate IT network.

Gales estimate that the new solution from Allied Office Machines is going to save them around 23% of their print and copier costs over the year.  This is being achieved by using modern Ricoh printers which use much less energy than their old machines, as well as implementing better deployment of machines around the office so that they are used more efficiently.


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