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      Nick Carter and Steve Richmond at the new Mary Rose Trust Museum Allied Office Machines has won a contract to supply six new multi-functional printer / copiers to the Mary Rose Trust.

      The new equipment is being supplied as part of the business infrastructure for the Trust’s brand new museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

      Mary Rose Trust

      Nick Carter MBE, Accounts Manager for the Mary Rose Trust said: “We ran a stringent competitive
      tender for the supply of these new machines and Allied Office Machines emerged as clear winners
      against some very tough competition. We were particularly impressed by their levels of on-going
      service and back-up as well as the keenness of their prices.”

      The Trust’s brand-new museum is part of its £35m project to provide a new home for the
      Mary Rose and to complete the conservation of the 500 year old flagship of Henry VIII. The high
      -tech building has been specially designed and built for the purpose and the Multi-Function
      devices being supplied by Allied Office Machines must perform efficiently within the highly
      controlled environment.

      Nick continued: “The pioneering building design has created a special environment to protect the
      unique and priceless 16th century artefacts and hull whilst the drying and preservation process is
      completed over the next 4 to 5 years. It also displays the hull and artefacts in a manner that
      enables visitors to experience them in the best possible way. As a result, any office machines
      operating in the museum must be energy efficient so as to help keep our energy costs
      down” Steve Richmond, Regional Sales Manager from Allied Office Machines said: “We are delighted to
      have won this contract and are very proud to be part of such an important historic project. We
      wish the Mary Rose Trust every success with their new museum and are looking forward to a
      long working partnership, maybe even for the next 500 years!”