How Secure is your Printer??!

Recent hacker intrusions into the customer databases of some of the biggest on-line organisations have highlighted the growing problem of cyber crime.

We all know that our computers and laptops have Hard Disk Drives (HDD), but did you know that printers and copiers also have an HDD?  These are used to store network data, e-mail addresses and print and scan files; all useful information in the wrong hands!

We at Allied Office Machines have experienced this problem when we once collected an old machine from a customer, which we later found contained police records!  Naturally we deleted this data as soon as it was discovered.

With this in mind, Allied Office Machines is very pleased to find out that our Business Partners, Ricoh, have introduced a new set of security features as standard on all their latest generation products.  These features include a Hard Drive Encryption Unit, which encrypts the data so that only authorised users can access it, as well as a new Data Overwrite Security System, or DOSS.

As the name suggests, DOSS overwrites the data on the HDD, after the completion of each job, thus destroying all data and preventing recovery by any cyber thief.  It also provides an option to overwrite the entire hard drive up to eight times during its working life, a feature that can be used at the end of each lease or office relocation.

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