Dorset based WRES automates their manual scanning process


Dorset based WRES is a privately owned company with a heritage spanning more than fifty years. They combine the established traditions of value, service and workmanship with today’s latest technologies to manufacture precision fabrications and sheet metal components.

Business Challenge

In the manufacturing process, hundreds of work orders and delivery notes are generated every week. In line with their ISO certification, these documents need to be signed by the operators on the shop floor during production and stored within their business system. This was a manual, labour intensive task where all documents had to be individually scanned and manually linked to a customer record on the system.

There was a team of people storing the paperwork using small scanners on their desks. This had to be completed as well as their other day to day duties which often lead to backlogs, at times up to three months’ worth.


After a review, ControlSuite from Kofax together with a Ricoh IMC4500 multifunctional device was proposed as a solution.

Kofax ControlSuite Print and Capture is an integrated, easy to install and manage solution that automates document and information dependent manual tasks.

This business solution is configured to create a bar code when the work order documentation is generated. After the documentation has been signed, ControlSuite will read and recognise the barcode and automatically attach the document to the right customer record in the filing system.

Westley Hamar, Director at WRES, commented: ” Prior to installing ControlSuite software our finance team spent hours each day scanning in signed work orders and delivery notes. Now the whole task takes minutes. They just scan the documents in a batch, the software reads the barcodes and stores it into our system. The team is delighted they no longer need to complete the old labourious manual process.”

Steve Drayson, MD at Allied Office Machines, added: ” At Allied, we always try to add value for our customers and offer a solution that really fits their needs and ultimately improve the efficiency of the way they work. After our consultant visited WRES it became clear that we would be able to automate part of their scanning routine, saving the company time and money whilst making their work order process more effective. We are very pleased with the result.”

Key Benefits

  • Reduced costs – processing time reduced from hours to minutes
  • Faster, more efficient processes – individual scanning and linking replaced by automated barcode scanning
  • Improved staff productivity – staff can concentrate on other tasks
  • Helps with ISO compliance – no backlog